I teach Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) - اللغة العربية الفصحى - written and spoken depending on your needs. What do I mean by MSA. Nowadays, there are two commonly used Arabic distinguished categories, which are the Modern Standard Arabic and the Classical Arabic. They are defined as follows:

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA; Arabicاللغة العربية الفصحى‎ al-lughat ul-ʻArabīyat ul-fuṣḥá 'the most eloquent Arabic language'), Standard Arabic, or Literary Arabic is the standardized and literary variety of Arabic used in writing and in most formal speech throughout the Arab world to facilitate communication. It is considered a pluricentric language.

The orthography of the Qurʾān was not developed for the standardized form of Classical Arabic; rather, it shows the attempt on the part of writers to record an archaic form of Old Higazi.

While the lexis and stylistics of Modern Standard Arabic are different from Classical Arabic, the morphology and syntax have remained basically unchanged (though MSA uses a subset of the syntactic structures available in CA).[2] In the Arab world, little distinction is made between CA and MSA, and both are normally called alfuṣḥá (الفصحى‎) in Arabic, meaning 'the most eloquent (Arabic language)'.
Classical Arabic is the form of the Arabic language  used in Umayyad and Abbasid literary texts from the 7th century AD to the 9th century AD.


Taj'weed (Arabicتجويد‎ tajwīd, meaning "elocution"), sometimes rendered as tajwid, refers to the rules governing pronunciation during recitation of the Qur'an. The term is derived from the triliteral root j-w-d meaning "to make well, make better, improve".  Tajweed is preferred, but not an obligation, when reciting the Qur'an to the best of one's ability.

Personally, I believe that practicing tajweed (with the Qaida Alnooranah methodology) is a very efficient way that helps with reading Arabic, in general, no matter which category the Arabic is classified under!! This is because it promotes the correct and proper pronunciation for all letters with all the different kinds of vowels. It doesn’t matter, whether your mother-tongue language is Arabic or otherwise, when it comes to proper and correct reading of Arabic with vowels, we all need tajweed!!


I teach Math for all age group from Elementary School age till College.  I cover all kinds of math including: Basic - Advanced Math, Calculus, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics.

I always loved mathematics and solving math problems was and still is always a challenge I love.

I am also available to teach any other subject ... Contact me & ask me about the subjects you or your children need.

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