Our Approach

Meet Amal

As a mother of 4 children of different ages, I know how important it is to have someone that helps them make learning easy to grasp and understand.

I have been tutoring since I was a teenager.  I began with my siblings and have been teaching every since then.  My specialties are Arabic, Taj'weed.

I am also an expert at helping remove the barriers that children have to learning such as "I don't want to!", "I don't have to!", "I'm bored!" and the multitude of modern-day distractions.

Our Story

I teach Taj’weed using the famous learning tool/technique called the Qaida Al Noorani. It has a book and CDs that comes with it, making learning how to read correctly, with proper punctuation, very easy.

I had the honor of teaching a 7-years old young girl, who has a  non-Arabic mother-tongue. I  taught her one hour per week, after school time, for 4 months. It was enough for her to read very fluently!!

Also a 65-years old woman took less than 3-months to reading fluently! I am still working with her now to excel her accent!

I graduated from University of Khartoum, Sudan, with a BSc joint degree in Computer science and statistics.  I also received my MSc on Computer Science  from the same University.

Next Steps...

Contact me now and let me accompany you, your child(ren), or your study group through a wonderful experience of learning. Let's start now!